Bio Hazard Remediation

What is Bio-Hazard Remediation?

Bio-hazard remediation involves the removal and disposal of waste which has the potential to be dangerous and a threat to human life.  A clean-up operation which can be challenging work, technicians are required to handle hazardous materials, which have the potential to transmit a variety of infections and blood borne pathogens such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Hepatitis B (HPV).

Hazardous materials include, but are not limited to, the following:

⦁ bodily fluids, which can be a source of infectious micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi)

⦁ hypodermic needles

⦁ syringes

⦁ sharps

⦁ razor blades

⦁ other drug related paraphernalia 

As well as posing a risk to human health, this waste can also be detrimental to the environment if it is not managed properly and recovered or disposed of safely.  The transportation and disposal of contaminated items can only be carried out by a licensed waste carrier.


How can we help?

Our biohazard removal operatives have been trained to carry out safe removal of all potentially hazardous materials.  A full site inspection and risk assessment is carried out before removal works commence and all removal works are carried out in accordance with current health and safety guidelines, statutory requirements & COSHH procedures.

As a registered carrier with the Department of the Environment for hazardous materials, we are able to safely transport and dispose of potentially hazardous waste.  At AAES we can provide guidance to our clients about the requirements for the movement of hazardous waste, provide the necessary materials for safe packaging, and safely package all hazardous waste and transport to a registered landfill site.


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