Asbestos Consultancy

The regulatory requirements and moral obligations for asbestos management can be a minefield of confusion. 

At AAES we have a team of fully trained asbestos consultants who can carry out this task and ensure that you are fully compliant with current industry regulations.  You can focus on putting the safety of your people and premises first, safe in the knowledge that all legal obligations are fulfilled.  

Our Asbestos Division has an in depth knowledge of current Asbestos regulations and our asbestos consultancy service can provide an assessment of existing procedures & compliance status and provide recommendations to ensure that our clients are fully conversant with existing legislative requirements.

Using a wealth of knowledge and experience, AAES have designed optimal procedures to reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos and provide guidance on how to prevent the disturbance of asbestos.  Once our initial consultation has been carried out, you will be advised as to how to proceed with Asbestos management in your premises.  


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